Life Update & Resource Requests

Hi everyone!

It’s Jesi here! I hope everyone has had a great summer, and for those of you who get summers off, I hope it was sufficiently relaxing and you’re ready for the new school year! I’m getting ready to send my big kid off to first grade, but it feels like just yesterday she was traipsing off in pigtails to her first day of preschool! It’s hard to believe she’ll be seven in just a few short months!










Our summer was full of fun this year–trips to the coast, playing in the mud, sewing camp, MMA practices, Norah’s first professional theater experience (and yes, some tablet time too).


While the summer was a blast, I think everyone is ready for school to start around here. Just yesterday, Norah declared “I’m just like you, Mom! Because I love to learn!” As she gears up for the new year, I’m finally winding down my summer term in graduate school, which will start back up again at the end of September. I’m looking forward to a bit of a reprieve, but I know I’ll be itching to get back to work come Fall term.

You may have noticed that our resources page has gotten quite an update recently–I’ve been going back in and adding all of the fabulous resources I’ve collected for the different trainings I’ve done, as well as the resources I’ve used in coaching. You can find resources on equity and inclusion, ACES/Trauma-Informed care, Universal Design for Learning, behavior guidance, and many, many more.

As many resources as I have available, I know there is always someone looking for more–so I’d love for you to leave a comment below if you have any requests or specific questions! I’m going to start working on a weekly post where I answer questions as well (since I get DMs on Facebook frequently from teachers and parents of young children) so please feel free to send those in too!

Enjoy the last vestiges of summer and I’ll talk with you all again soon!


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