Over the past few years as a coach, I’ve worked with teachers of all backgrounds, ages, styles and experience levels. These coaching interactions have taught me so much about how people learn and experience professional growth and development, and even redefined professional development as it relates to our field entirely.

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You see, some see professional development as classes, training and other types of classroom approach. While this is a type of professional development, we need to learn to embrace our every day PD opportunities–from observing fellow teachers to conferencing with a principal or director and even instructional coaching from someone who is either hired by your school specifically for that purpose or, like me, works for your states Quality Rating and Improvement System.

As a QRIS coach it is my job to help teachers reach their full potential and embrace long-lasting change and sustainable quality using transformative coaching methods. While there may be some teachers who prefer more direct coaching, I prefer getting to know teachers and learning what it is that makes them so passionate about their work. Knowing their passions and what drives them helps me as their coach as we set goals and work towards quality teaching and best practice.


Below you’ll find some of my favorite coaching resources, as well as a contact box where you can submit your own questions. I look forward to chatting with you!


Coaching Resources:
Early Achievers Coaching Framework
Coaching Companion
Early Care and Education Coaching
Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines
Washington State Core Competencies for Child and Youth Development Professionals
The Art of Coaching by Elena Aguilar
Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators by Constant Hine
The Environment Rating Scale from Harms, Cryer and Clifford
Coaching with Powerful Interactions from NAEYC

Goal-Setting Resources:
Setting a SMART goal

Goal-Setting Template
Self-Assessment for Teachers
BUILD Initiative Self-Assessment
Questions That Encourage Reflection and Problem Solving

If you have a question about teaching or early learning, please feel free to submit a comment or a request below! Your question may be answered in a future blog post!